Wednesday, April 21, 2010

For Fit Yoga Fans - With Gratitude

During the course of the last several months, many Fit Yoga fans have been asking where and when the next issue would be published; and naturally, some inquires have been angry, especially regarding subscriptions. I decided to write this blog in an effort to clarify matters as well as to assure each of you that my intentions as the editor-in-chief are, and have always been, honorable.

Last year at this time the economic fallout hit the publishing industry hard, and as you know many well-respected, long-established magazines had to close down. Some hard business decisions had to be made, and it soon became clear that in order for Fit Yoga to survive on any level, our magazine would need to go on hiatus so we could regroup, and take a few deep breaths.

My hope was that by this time we would have been able to re-launch Fit Yoga in a new format and continue on the path of exchanging and sharing our love of all things yogic. Since Fit Yoga had always been the “little engine that could” all of us who have worked so hard on every issue held tightly to the intention of coming back as soon as possible. I was confident that February, 2010 would see our new launch hit the stands but unfortunately things have not been settled yet. Meantime, I’ve been trying to maintain some sort of connection to our readers by sending out occasional e-newsletters while planning some spectacular retreats and stories for the months ahead.

I understand the frustration many of you have shared, probably better than you can imagine. I know you miss the magazine and that you’re angry about your subscriptions. Trust me when I say that I too am upset, and miss the job I loved so dearly with every fiber of my being--not to mention the regular paychecks. To say it’s been a rough road is a huge understatement but what makes it infinitely worse is the knowledge that some people are holding strong animosity towards me personally.

Of course I get it...I am the “face” of Fit Yoga and the logical person to turn to, and although a $20 or $30 subscription doesn’t seem earth shattering in the big picture, it’s one more annoyance to deal with, and one that you wouldn’t expect to have with a yoga magazine. I’m so very sorry that things have unfolded they way that they have, and if I could, I would fix every single subscription snafu personally. What I can offer is this blog, along with informative e-newsetters, and my sincere intention that Fit Yoga will be back on the streets soon.

My personal practice, along with teaching yoga has helped me cope during this last year, proving once again that the practice of yoga in all forms is the key to patience, understanding, and compassion. Although the business decisions are out of my hands, as an editor, yoga teacher, and student I strive to practice with integrity in all that I do, and I remain optimistic about the future of Fit Yoga.

My heartfelt thanks to all our loyal readers -- more updates, interesting stories, comments, and products from past and new contributors will be coming your way on this blog as well as in e-newsletters. Please do contact me at if you would like to be on my mailing list.

Perhaps someday soon I’ll see you in class, on a retreat, or at the very least we’ll once again connect on the pages of Fit Yoga magazine. Wishing each of you abundance, grace, and courage.

Love and light,

[For all subscription inquiries please contact George Agoglia:]


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the update Rita.

Anyone who would have animosity towards you over this issue, obviously has never met you. You are a truly exceptional beautiful soul.

Unfortunately, I too have meet some yogis who don't exhibit the "patience, understanding, and compassion" that a true yogi practice should bring. They don't deserve your time or effort, but having met you, I know you have love in your heart for even these haters.

Hang in there. Wishing you much joy and love.

Holly said...

Thanks for letting us know Rita!
Peace and light. Holly.

Rachel said...

There ain't much surprise that a yoga journal is bad. I practice Jesus' yoga at the church and the teacher guides us through the Lord's words in the bible. Then we stretch to the scriptures. It opens us to receive the Lord and teaches us surrender. Our teacher says that the other yogas are "convenient" yogas because they worsip wierd gods and teach odd sexual things. The real yoga is conncetion to the Lord. Sorry you are waiting for the magazine but maybe you can work with church. Also I see the Sudharma will be an anniversary. Good time to visit your Pastor to pray for her soul.
God Bless you,

Angela Castillo said...

Rather than berate and harass strangers with your narrow-minded views and intolerant sensibilities, wouldn't your time be better spent reading your God’s scriptures, and practicing all he preached through charitable contribution, and acts of kindness and compassion? Only ignorant extremist religious radicals share your thought patterns and ineptitude to open heart and mind to the idea of a diversified world. It’s a shame, and I truly feel sorry for you. Perhaps, by the grace of your God, you will one day see that the world has can be at peace and supported by the many religions we are blessed with. Maybe you will allow yourself to learn something new. Then, you will understand what yoga is really about.

Angela Castillo said...

My comment is to Rachel.

Samahita said...

Ms. Rachel you must be more mindful in how you talk with other beings.

Rachel said...

Angela -
You are the lost soul! You are in need of connecting to some form of spirituality. The Lord teaches us to surrender and you are fighting His will. My charity work is in guiding lost people such as yourself. I can help you! You have obvisly never know what faith is and probly never worshipd in any fashion. You are lost and you need to leran to belive in something. What are you so afraid of? Why do religion and faith scar you?

Anonymous said...

Wow Rachel.
It seems to me that you really don't know what religion, faith or yoga are really about. How can you be so judgemental of someone you have never met before? Your words do not sound like the words of someone who believes in any type of religion. Religion is not about exclusion. It's about inclusion wrapped in peace and compassion. Seems to me that you are the one who is lost and in need of faith.

Anonymous said...

Hey People, it isn't the Editor of Fit Yoga who you should be angry at today, because it is the publisher who is the real culprit. Shame on Goodman Media for not fulfilling the subscriptions to Fit Yoga or returning the money owed back to us subscribers! If you can't fulfill your obligations then return the money pronto! It does not belong to you Mr. Goodman - What you are doing here is called "THEFT". What a way to run a business!

Anonymous said...

I agree with previous poster! Forget the Editor! Sounds like she's been a victim too!
Why hasn't someone addressed this leaglly with Mr. Goodman? I'm sure there is a case for legal action! There have been larger claims for smaller cases in our legal system! This is theft!

Anonymous said...

Rachel is a prime example of someone you could learn from Rita. Rachel is the misguided soul not Angela. I purposefully do not use the words "lost soul" because, while I do not practice any formal religion, the god I believe in never considers anyone lost.

The god I believe in, believes that all people are equal, no matter which faith (or non-faith), religion, sexual orientation or race anyone is. If that is a "weird god" then I would choose the my "weird god" over any other god out there.

In God's kingdom even Rachel can find her way home if she chooses to practice the true Yogi way but if she does not, then God's universe will still except her anyway. That is what faith and religion should be all about.

Peace - Love and Harmony to All