Sunday, October 5, 2008


March 2006
Winter always seems longer than the other seasons, doesn’t it? When you look at a calendar, it’s obvious that the blustery days last approximately the same length of time as the sublime summer ones, but somehow—maybe it’s the inclement weather or the longer nights—winter seems to drag.

But I’ve been approaching winter in a different way lately. And even as the golden light of spring perches on the horizon, I’m thinking that carrying over some remnants of the long hibernation might not be a bad idea.

As yogis, we’re always reminded about looking inward, and winter is the perfect environment for introspection in both asana and meditation practice. It’s an ideal opportunity to work on that vast internal universe, and look for the seeds of authenticity in ourselves.

By coming onto our mats and allowing ourselves to be wrapped in the warm cocoon of positive yogic energy, we’re able to get a good look at our true essence—and to set intentions for change. We use our asanas to melt physical obstacles, and we use meditation to see and understand more clearly.

Now that a new season is ready to debut, we can take all these self-realizations up to a new level of awareness. And as we emerge from our winter cocoons with a new self-perspective, perhaps our outward perspective will take on a new and improved view. Perhaps we’ll be able to approach life with more forgiveness, a lot more love, and a lot less judgment.

So as you get ready to step into spring, by all means shed the negative vibes that may be hanging around—just make sure you keep the good stuff safely tucked inside.


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